hwclogo_officialHello World Camp is a tech camp for kids. We’ll explore programming and multimedia, build robots, and take special field trips to local companies.

We offer PD Day, March Break, and summer camps, as well as neighbourhood coding clubs. We also run special family workshops.

Hello World Camp seeks to introduce coding and technology to beginners. We’re starting with kids, and hope to eventually offer workshops for anyone interested in learning more about computer programming!

Why “Hello World”?

A “Hello world” program is a computer program that outputs “Hello, world” on a display device. Because it is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages, it is by tradition often used to illustrate to beginners the most basic syntax of a programming language. (Wikipedia)

We believe that computers and technology expand our experiences and help us to connect with other people and places in the world. We also believe that technical literacy is essential, regardless of career choice, and that opportunities for people with strong technical skills will continue to grow.